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H479/H480 - Borosilicate Glass - 3 Pack
Borosilicate Glass - 3 pack

H479/H480 - Borosilicate Glass - 3 Pack

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  • Availability:*End of Life* Only 10 Sets available and then product is discontinued
AFINIA’s Borosilicate Glass is a high temperature resistant glass and is the perfect platform for your H479 & H480 3D printer. With the thickness and density of this glass, you never have to worry about the platform warping! Simply apply an adhesive to Borosilicate Glass (ABS/Acetone slurry, Kapton tape, Elmer's School Glue Stick or our newest product BuildTak) and start 3D printing!

Borosilicate Glass offers the following benefits:

-Printing without the use of a raft

-Greatly reduces warping

-Finished models are easily removed from the glass once it has cooled down, no need for sharp tools

-Polished edges for safer handling

-Click here for the instructions to make the ABS/Slurry: INSTRUCTIONS

-Includes 3 Borosilicate Glass
4 Stars
borosilicate glass (vs perf board)
For me, the glass prooved to be way more efficient as far as printing is concerned compared to the perf board. After only a few weeks, the perf board already showed slight warping where as that does not seem to be an issue with the glass.The slurry makes use of some of the waste produced from a print as opposed to creating even more like a raft does and this cuts down a good deal of the waste. There is seldom the need to clean the glass to since any residue slurry is redissolved when a new slurry us applied, and even if the glass does need to be cleaned (ex: a different colour of slurry is being applied), it is easily wiped clean with acetone. This is contrary to the perf board which often requires you to clean out many holes individually and remove rafts (from both the board and print) which can be quite tasking. The only issue I've had with this product is that, if not enough slurry us applied, the base of the print may lift/peel.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Hamilton, ON, Canada. on 1/27/2014
5 Stars
Great Addition
I have been very pleased with my glass build plates. When I started with the machine I tried the perf boards, perf boards with BuildTak and perf boards with blue painter tape all with varying degrees of success and failure. Since I started using the glass I've only had a couple failures and going back over those it may have been operator error that caused those. Printing with ABS only so far and using hairspray as "adhesive". Highly recommended
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Dayton, OH. on 5/7/2014
5 Stars
Excellent addition
Excellent addition to the Affinia printer. Should be standard equipment instead of the perf board. Instead of the slurry we use Elmer's school glue sticks for our students. Much safer and no strong smell from acetone. We can now print with no rafting and come up with much higher quality prints. If you haven't bought these do it as soon as you get a chance.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MN. on 3/2/2015

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