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About Us

Afinia is a division of Microboards Technology, LLC., a leader in specialized printing solutions. Our twenty-year history includes leadership in CD/DVD disc duplication and labeling.

The Afinia H-Series 3D Printer provides a true “Out of the Box 3D Printing Experience” as the 3D Printer comes fully assembled, with easy to install software for both the PC and Mac. The printer is both portable and affordable. The Afinia H-Series can prototype a part or model that is up to 5 inches cubed in dimension.

The custom designed 3D Printing Software features an easy-to-use interface for laying out, orienting, duplicating, and scaling your designs. Simply use the included utility to calibrate the printhead height, and within minutes you are printing.

The Afinia H-Series 3D printer uses inexpensive, high-quality plastic filament offered in a wide array of colors.

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