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Balance Bot STEM Kit

Balance Bot STEM Kit

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Balance-Bot is a remote controlled self balancing Arduino robot created with 3D printed parts. With only two wheels, BALANCE-BOT is able to maintain balance all the time by using its internal sensors and driving its motors. You can control your BALANCE-BOT, making him move or spin, by sending commands via Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Lesson 1: The science behind Balance-Bot

Lesson 2: Planning - Weapon design and function

Lesson 3: Create a weapon CAD tutorial

Lesson 4: Create your own weapon

Lesson 5: Assemble bot and trial

Learning Objectives

To identify and describe how each of Balance-Bot's components work
To practice planning and sketching skills, including isometric and dimensional sketching
To understand and use basic CAD modelling tools

Skills Acquired

Technical knowledge and understanding of electronic and non-electronic components
Planning/Sketching (including dimensional sketching)
Basic CAD design/modelling
Robotic assembly

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