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Afinia H800+ 3D Printer
H800 3D Printer

Afinia H800+ 3D Printer

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Standard 1 Year Warranty
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H800 2nd & 3rd Year Warranty [+$849.00]
The Next Generation 3D Printer!

The Afinia H800+ is our biggest and best 3D printer, ever! The H800+ has a build envelope of 10" x 8" x 8" which allows users to bring their larger-format designs to life. Not only have we increased the size of the printer, now you can print at an amazingly accurate 100 micron high-resolution detail!

Some new features that make the new H800+ so great is,
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Power loss print recovery and "out of filament" pause switch
  • Customizable nozzle and platform temperatures
  • Upgraded printhead and gantry system

Award Winning!

At the RAPID 2015 conference, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Rapid Technologies & Additive Manufacturing (RTAM) Committee awarded the Afinia H800 the "Innovation Award" (click the link for the full story).

RAPID 2015 Exhibitor Innovation Award
All Afinia H-Series Printers include a 1-year Manufacturers Warranty with an optional 2nd year or 2nd/3rd year extended warranty. The extended warranty, extends the life of your machine, trouble free, by covering it for unexpected parts and labor. The Extended Warranty may be purchased up to 30 days after the purchase date of your Afinia H-800+ 3D printer.
5 Stars
This is an amazing printer. I had the h480 printer for years and loved it, but it was to small for some of my projects. This printer is even easier to set up and works perfectly every time. The large print volume is great and the enclosed print area keeps the parts from warping. I wish the software would let you adjust the temps to make it easier to use other brands and types of material, but I'm sure I can find a work around for that. I highly recommend this printer. I have had several other brands and afinia is by far the best.
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Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles, CA. on 8/26/2015
5 Stars
Great Printer - Some observations with first use
Well packed. Vertical platform stays in place with power off. Looks beautiful. All black inside limits visibility. LED lights on inside help light the work surface. The AFINIA logo shows progress and status per guide. Three pushbuttons on the side allow you to start heater, pause and extrude/withdraw filament without needing the computer attached. The print head is driven in both X and Y while the platform moves in Z. Huge improvement when you are printing a tall structure that might wiggle when the front to rear axis is moving. Flex harnesses are used throughout. Perf board engages 13 flat head screws sticking up from the platform and fits precise. The packing system prevented any platform damage or shift so I did not touch level adj. Installing the filament requires feeding the end into a tube while trying to keep the reel from unraveling. Not successful my first try. Installed one of the 3 supplied Buildtak surfaces on a perf board. (The automatic calibration only works with a perf board, so the print height must be adjusted manually with the Buildtak) Buildtak is hard to align with perf board since it is smaller by 1/2 inch. Heated platform is up to temp in 30 minutes and is very uniform. Very quiet. Inside temperature has risen to 138 degrees F with no impact on operation. Raft and support remove from the model very cleanly since the humidity drops to the teen level. I have run the machine in an 86 deg F environment My H479 often loses communication under those conditions. Print quality every bit as good as my H479. I have not tried the 0.1 mm layer thickness, but it would be useful for small parts with a lot of detail. Larger parts take a lot of material, so using larger layer thicknesses and reduced infill will be more the norm. The inside filament reel position is only compatible with Afinia reels. Supplied external adapter does not work since it just extends the reel outward parallel to the original position. The filament can come off of the side over the reel rather than turn the reel. Created an adapter to plug into the side and angled the reel 45 degrees. See my web site. Since I am a lean six sigma expert, keep in mind that any negative comments above are only to suggest future improvements. I am very happy with the H800 and expect to get a lot of prints out of it just like the 750 or so I have gotten out of my H479 in the last few years.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Mt Dora, Florida. on 10/3/2015
5 Stars
We have been using a couple of H480 printers for the past few years, and recently acquired both an H800 and an Ultimaker printer. Comparison printing between the two printers currently indicate that the H800 is a much better printer. The Ultimaker has been unable to print some of the parts we've tested, and we have had to perform multiple print feed maintenance actions on it, including a complete disassembly and clearing of the feed mechanism. The H800 just works and works and works. Zero issues so far. Setup of the H800 was slightly more complex than the H480 printers, mostly due to a lack of familiarity with the new form factor and locating the various controls, etc. The leveling process was easy, allowing one to get within 0.1-0.2 mm of flat and level after a couple of iterations. The print software behaves just like the H480 software, with the same suite of options for infill, support, etc. Load your file, position it on the platform, install a build plate in the printer, click print, and wait for the printer to finish. Removal of large parts from the perfboard platform requires a bit more effort than parts printed on the H480, mainly due to size differences. Overall, a fantastic printer. We look forward to making it our medium-format workhorse printer. Now make one that prints 24"x24"!
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Reviewed by:  from Chantilly, VA. on 10/8/2015
5 Stars
Coordinator of Career and Technical Education
After using both the 479 and 480's in our schools successfully for a few years we were excited to see the release of the larger H800. We ordered 6 initially in good faith, knowing the quality, reliability and excellent customer support we have received from Afinia in the past. Afinia went out of their way to ensure delivery by our tight fiscal year end deadline. The printers, despite being early production models, have performed much better than our already high expectations. The print quality is fantastic, and they have made improvements that truly enhance the 3d printing experience. The enclosed print area and HEPA filter help to reduce warpage and smell, even in some of our drafty classrooms where the older printers had problems. The software is easy for students to use, and we have had no problems importing and printing student drawn STL files. We are truly happy with our purchase, and look forward to our next shipment of 5 that is expected to arrive soon, and the future orders we plan to place!
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Reviewed by:  from Roanoke, VA. on 11/23/2015
5 Stars
Prints Amazing
After I received my H800, I was amazed at how big it was (20"x 20" enclosure). Since I have the H480 I was familiar with the software and set up, so it took about 20 minutes to read the quick start guide and to begin printing with my H800. The prints were amazing. No print lines, and I could print sizable items without loosing quality in resolution. I think Afinia really hit a home run with the H800 printer.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Diego, CA. on 10/6/2015
5 Stars
This is my very first 3D printer, so I am a novice. This printer is a blast, I'm having lots of fun with it. I'm a retired machinist and needed something to challenge and keep my mind active. I enjoy designing projects and printing them with the Afinia H800 printer. Being a machinist I am amazed at the accurassy of this machine. I've printed many parts with screw holes in in them, then tapped those holes with threads, they came out perfect. I'm also amazed at how well it will print threads. When I first got it, it was pretty much plug and play. I think I spent about an hour from opening up the shipping carton until I was printing my very first part. I've printed more than 100 parts, and have had very few failed prints. I think this is the perfect machine for ABS prints. The heated bed that works very well, the printer is totally enclosed to help to hold in the heat, it's the perfect atmosphere for ABS. I printed a lot of ABS and have never experienced a warped print. Another nice feature of the H800 is the built in air filtration system, it really helps to keep down the odor when using ABS. I never experience any odor when using Afinia Premium PLA filiment. There are a few cons with the machine. There isen't any way to adjust the temperature of the nozzle, so your pretty much stuck using Afinia premium filiment. There are some other filaments that I'd like to try, but they don't fall into the temperature range of the Afinia H800 printer. I have seen some aftermarket add on devices that claim will give you control of the temperature. The only other complaint I have is you must have a computer connected to the H800 to set it up and start printing. Once the printing has started printing, you can disconnect the computer and the printer will continue to finish the print. I'd have to say, All in all, I just love this machine. If you get one I don't think you will ever be disappointed.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pennsylvania. on 4/24/2016

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